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Hotel "Aziza" is based on a family tradition, dating back more than ninety years. The beginnings of this tradition are in a small bakery in Baščaršija, taken under lease by Muharem Poričanin back in 1923. This bakery made it possible to nurture and raise a family of fourteen, who continue the work Muharem started almost 100 years ago. Building upon this tradition, the family has built a hotel, dedicated to the one whose name it carries - the name of the mother, beloved and caring, Mehmed’s wife Aziza.

From the age of three Mehmed, Muharem’s cousin, lived with Muharem and his wife Sabaheta, who were childless. Growing up in Muharem’s bakery and working alongside him, little Mehmed came to adore the smell of freshly baked bread, rolls and somun (flat bread). He loved it so much that he decided to become a baker, despite the fact that he had trained as a mechanical repairman. For years, he studied the craft and worked in the bakery alongside his uncle Muharem, who, at the end, left him a love for the bakery trade as part of his legacy.

Muharem’s legacy was much more significance than just a love for the smell of bread and baking.  A young woman, by the name of Aziza, was searching for work in 1967, and found a job near Mehmed’s bakery. One look at Aziza was enough for the two youngsters to fall in love and they have been happily married ever since. 

Current bakery opened in 1953 by uncle Muharem, who than became an owner of his own bakery, for the first time. Today the bakery produces more than 20 different types of bread, pastries and cakes, which are delivered daily to its many loyal customers. However, Mehmed’s dearest customers are those who come personally to the bakery, who come for the bread and for a chat and the town’s daily news. "It is always nice to meet another human being and start a conversation. The world (Dunjaluk) is full with various flowers, and each of them have their own story. In my lifetime I have heard so many beautiful stories from around the world, without having to leave my bakery.” Says Mehmed.  

He also adds that the bakery is his inheritance for his children to remember him by, after he is long gone from this world.  While he built hotel "Aziza" as a loving tribute to his wife, for the children to remember her by. ”Between the father (bakery) and the mother (hotel) my family should always be taken care of." says Mehmed.

The Poričanin bakery creates special bread and rolls for Hotel “Aziza”, so the guests can enjoy  Mehmed's baking art every day. They will be enchanted by the smell of Mehmed’s bakery, just as he was in his time. He hopes the guests will return to the hotel, just as Mehmed returns to his Aziza every day.

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